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Almost 100% Visa Success Rate

Education & Social Reasons:

Uk is one of the best destination for education from the very long time for many reasons such as:

  • World’s best ranked universities are in the UK such as Oxford, Cambridge, Southampton, Nottingham and more.
  • Best quality education
  • Recognized degrees
  • UK is a diverse country where people from all over the world are living, so you will get a chance to learn different culture and views and you become an international person.

Financial Reasons:

  • Tuition fees are less then North American Universities.
  • Less payment Before Visa and
  • Most importantly Part-time Jobs are available here. There are lots of vacancies at this moment after Brexit. You might cover your rest of the fee from your earnings. However, it will need very hard labor. Even if you spend some more money for your degree you possibly get a professional Job as you will be studding in a reputed university.
  • On the other hand you will have PSW for 2 years and your placement year to work full time. So you will be able to recover your investment easily. So your degree will be free.

Career after Degree:

  • Work opportunity after degree
  • Post Study Work Visa for having a work experience
  • Shortage occupation list jobs, IT, Project managers, Graphics designer and many other.
  • Business startup with no investment
  • Easy Visa to EU and American Countries.

Settlement Opportunity:

  • After living 5 years under Work Permit you may apply for PR(ILR)
  • Startup Visa for two years then change it to Innovator visa. For getting start up visa you need to endorse a business Idea from your university.
  • Innovator Visa: you need to show 50K GBP and get 3 years visa
  • After staying 3 years under innovator visa you can apply for PR.
UK University Application Process

We can help you choose from thousands of UK courses and hundreds of universities and colleges located all over the UK with our free university application process.

How does our application process work?

Our expert counsellor will explain the complete process of applying to a UK university and discuss your study and career goals.

Consulting WIth Counsellor

Our expert counsellor will explain the complete process of applying to a UK university and discuss your study and career goals.

Find a course in a suitable University

A counsellor will assess your academic background and suggest suitable universities where you will be able to secure offers.

Prepare your application

Your counsellor will review your personal statement, CV, reference letters and application forms before sending them to your chosen universities.

Check English level

An IELTS test result will allow our experienced counsellor to assess your current level of English. We will review the results and advise you on how to get accepted in your chosen course in a University.

Receive offers from University

We will ensure you to receive conditional or unconditional offers from a university that you prefer. We will guide you in making the right choice for a course as well.

Help with offer letter next steps

Your counsellor will help you with Next Steps to comply with University offers:

  1. Provide documents to meet conditions of offer
  2. Pay deposit and complete International Student Reply Form
  3. Pre CAS and Maintenance checks
  4. CAS issued
Secure Tier-4 Student visa for UK

We will guide you all the way to obtain the Tier 4 Student Visa to study in the UK and will assist you to gather all the documents to get the visa.

Continuous Support

We offer endless support for a new student in UK. Our student services include Airport Pick Up, Accommodation arrangement, applying for Student Travel Card, opening UK Bank Account and many more..


For UK student visa, applications have to be made on IM2A forms, which are available, free of cost at the British Embassies. Along with the Visa application fee and the required documents the application has to be submitted to the embassy. 

Immigration Rules for Students

You must will intend to study at a publicly funded university or college, or a Bonafede private institution or a fee-paying independent school.You must be ready to and will follow a full-time degree course, or a weekday, full-time course at a single institution involving at least 15 hours of organized, daytime study per week.

You must be ready to purchase your course and also the living expenses of your husband or married woman and youngsters (if they’re with you) while not operating within the Great Britain or claiming public funds.

You must not will add the United Kingdom unless you’re accepted for a course lasting longer than six months, when you may work part-time or during vacations.You must will leave the United Kingdom at the tip of your studies. 

Requirements for Student Visa

A letter of acceptance on the course. This is the letter from your establishment confirming that an area has been offered to you which the course is full-time as outlined by the immigration law.

Evidence that you simply will pay the course fees and support yourself and your family, if applicable.The student should attend the Interview with the ECO, clarifying certain parts of your application.You must be ready to persuade him/her that your study plans are real and possible.


Unfortunately, British universities don’t give any scholarships for average Bagnoli Students, with terribly rare exceptions in academic degree level. Some universities may give students with good or exceptional backgrounds, a part tuition fee waiver. Some universities offer discounts of a thousand – one thousand five hundred (1000-1500) Pounds to students with smart tutorial backgrounds.

Though financial aid is very little for international students, there are certain scholarships offered for study in UK managed by the British Council and other institutions. British Ch evening Scholarships, Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships.


The United Kingdom is one of the most developed countries and has the world’s ninth-largest economy by obtaining power parity. The United Kingdom is considered to have a high-income economy and bestowing to the Human Development Index, the UK is categorized as very high in the ranking 16th in the world.

According to the British law, United Kingdom Universities is typically allowed to work up to 20 hours every week for international student in the UK throughout academic session, and up to regular once college is out of term.

To maintain the financial cost of living in the UK working can be a great way along with the gain invaluable work experience! The happiest news is that ‍after completing study international students can apply for the work visa to stay in the UK. And there’s no limit on the quantity of international students UN agency will keep within the Britain upon completion of their course.


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