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Dream Prospects London Limited. is a Prominent Education & Career Consulting Company Registered in England & Wales having it's offices in Multiple Locations. With an Experienced team, Dream is committed to providing the best quality services for a Student and our Partner Educational institutes.

We are supporting students and individuals to find their best suitable career in abroad. We just do not work to recruit a student for a foreign university for making money only. We are working on exchanging knowledge and talents between Bangladesh and another developed world. Our vision is to help our youth to earn a quality education and learn diversity from the different countries around the world so they can come back home and contribute to their own country.

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Student Consultancy is not just somehow sending a student abroad and making money. We believe, to guide a student as a guardian. In some cases, student's parents are not well concerned about their child's future career because of their lack of understanding about the future trends of the Job market. Our job is to Develop a Dream/ belief in those students and Guardians for their Future career. However, most students are well planned for their future and we just help them to fulfil their dreams.

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  • Ana turin
    Dream prospects is very fantastic. I think there services is best around educational sections.
    Ana turin
    Dream Tourism
  • William Smith
    I'm William Smith. Dream Prospers is the very trustful. They are very helpful & provide best services ever.
    William Smith
    Tour Leaf

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