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DREAM PROSPECTS is committed to keeping your information private and safe. To keep you updated and in control of your information, this policy explains how and why we use your personal data. DREAM PROSPECTS adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation’s six principles. The following are examples of personal data:

  • Processed in an equal, legal, and open manner.
  • It is only used for the specific, well-defined purpose for which it was collected.
  • Appropriate, applicable, and limited to what’s needed for the purposes for which they’re processed.
  • Accurate and up-to-date information is maintained.
  • It is only held for as long as it is needed (usually until the project or operation is completed), after which it is permanently deleted.
  • Personal data is processed in a way that ensures its proper security; it is maintained in secure systems and only transmitted through secure means.
  • At any time, you can opt-out of receiving emails or alter how we contact you. Please contact us by emailing info@dreamprospects.co.uk or calling 07539045850 if you wish to do so.
  • We will never sell your personal information, and we will only share it with organizations with which we collaborate if it is absolutely necessary and the privacy and protection of your information is guaranteed.
  • Any questions or concerns you have about this policy or how we use your personal data should be directed to Mr. Shofiq at DREAM PROSPECTS.


2. THE Information WE COLLECT

  • Data needed to carry out DREAM PROSPECTS’ administrative functions
  • The DREAM PROSPECTS can collect and use your personal details (i.e. any information that identifies you or can be classified as relating to you personally).
  • We keep track of the information you send us. This includes information you provide when you register as a member, subscribe to our newsletter, or communicate with us. Consider the following scenario: Personal information (name, job title, organization, and email). When you enter as a student or partner, you must also include your address and phone number.
  • Information of your attendance at DREAM PROSPECTS events
  • DREAM PROSPECTS collects sensitive personal data in order to carry out its administrative functions.
  • We do not usually collect or store sensitive personal data about members and others who have signed up for DREAM PROSPECTS’ services (such as knowledge about health, views, or political affiliation). There are, however, several instances in which this can occur (e.g. if you have an accident on one of our events). If this happens, we’ll take extra precautions to protect your privacy rights.
  • Accidents or incidents: We will maintain a record of any accidents or incidents that occur on our premises, at one of our activities, or involving one of our employees (which may include personal data and sensitive personal data).


3. HOW DO WE USE Information?

We only ever use your personal data with your consent, or where it is necessary in order to:

  • Enter into, or perform, a contract with you Abide by a legal obligation; Safeguard your critical interests.
  • If our (or a third party’s) legitimate interests are not overridden by your rights
  • In any case, we’ll just use your data for the purpose(s) for which it was collected (or else for closely related purposes)


In control of the administration

  • Personal data is used for administrative purposes (i.e. for admission purposes). This contains the following:
  • Keeping track of our members and others who have subscribed to our newsletter;
  • Services for admission in foreign Universities (whether placed online, over the phone, or in person)
  • Assisting us in respecting your choices and expectations (for example, if you request not to obtain marketing materials, we will keep track of this).



Our mailing list provider holds your personal data collected for the purposes of DREAM PROSPECTS’ administrative functions, which include your name, organization, and email address. No other organization has access to this material. You can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ icon at the bottom of any email we send you – or by sending your name and email to info@dreamprospects.co.uk with the subject line or body of the email specifying ‘Unsubscribe’. Without the written consent of the data controller, data from third parties that we retain for admission purposes will never be revealed or exchanged.



Personal information is used to interact with individuals and to advertise DREAM PROSPECTS services. This includes keeping you informed about DREAM PROSPECTS’ activities, news, and other details relevant to our work. At any time, you can opt-out of receiving emails or alter how we contact you. Please contact us at info@dreamprospects.co.uk telephoning 07539045850 if you wish to do so.



To keep your data secure and avoid unauthorized access, use, or disclosure of your personal information, we use a number of physical and technological steps. Electronic data and databases are maintained on protected computer servers, and we have complete control of who has access to them (using both physical and electronic means). We provide data protection training to all employees, and we have a set of specific data protection protocols that employees must follow when handling personal data as outlined in our policies. On request, copies of these policies are available.



Where do we keep our data?

  • The headquarters of DREAM PROSPECTS are in England, and we store our data in the European Union.

How long do we keep data?

  • We would only use and store data for as long as it is necessary for the purposes for which it was collected. The amount of time data is processed is determined by the type of data and the purpose for which it is being used. If you ask us not to send you marketing emails, for example, we will no longer store your emails for marketing purposes (though we will maintain a record of your request not to be emailed).



  • We want to make sure you have complete control over your personal information. Part of this entails ensuring that you are aware of your legal rights, which include the following:
  • The right to seek clarification of whether or not we have your personal data and, if so, a copy of the data we keep (this is known as a subject access request);
  • The right to get your personal data deleted (though this would not happen if we need to keep the data for a legal reason);
  • Right to have inaccuracies in data corrected;
  • The right to refuse to have your data used for marketing or profiling purposes; and
  • You have the right to access personal data you have given to us that we process automatically on the basis of your approval or the performance of a contract, where technically feasible. This data will be delivered in a standard electronic format.

Please bear in mind that the rights mentioned above are subject to exceptions, and while we will make every effort to answer to your satisfaction, there may be times when we are unable to do so. This is especially true when we collect surveys or administrative data from third parties for the purpose of entry, since these will almost always be in de-identified or anonymized formats. This ensures that we are not given any personally identifiable information. In these cases, the data collector would have provided you with a privacy notice that explains how your data will be used, but we are unable to provide you with a privacy notice because we do not know who you are. In some circumstances. If you have any questions about your rights or want to exercise them, please send an email to info@dreamprospects.co.uk addressed to Mr. Shofiq at DREAM PROSPECTS.



You can guide your complaint to DREAM PROSPECTS by contacting us using the information provided above. If you are dissatisfied with our response or feel that your data protection or privacy rights have been violated, you should file a complaint with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office, which oversees and enforces data protection legislation in the UK. www.ico.org.uk has instructions on how to do this.




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Links to other sites

Many other websites are linked to ours. We are not responsible for the content or functionality of any of those external websites (but please use the ‘Contact’ link at the top of the page to let us know if a link isn’t working).

If you send personal information to an external website (for example, in conjunction with a purchase order for products or services), the information you provide will not be protected by the DREAM PROSPECTS Privacy Policy. Before providing any personal information, we recommend that you read the privacy policies of any website.


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